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Ocean Commotion – natural cologne for men

Prosody London’s natural cologne for men – Ocean Commotion unfolds as a captivating journey, capturing the essence of the sea in a bottle. Stephan Mathews in his review of this cologne eloquently captures the allure of this aquatic cologne, guiding us through its enchanting layers that evoke the beauty of crystal clear seawater and the […]

A Capella Ray: A Harmonious Olfactory Sonata

In the olfactory symphony composed by Prosody London, A Capella Ray emerges as a distinctive and enchanting note that beckons the curious and captivates the senses. The renowned fragrance house, known for its botanical marvels, has crafted a collection of scents that lure the inquisitive nose into a realm of uniqueness. Senior Editor Lauryn Beer […]

Neroli Nuance Review

The Timeless Legacy of Neroli: A Symbol of Purity and Beauty The storied history of Neroli, echoing through the annals of time, persists in the contemporary world as a revered symbol of purity, fertility, and beauty. Fragrance houses and perfumers, recognizing the allure of bitter orange blossoms, have distilled this precious essence into neroli essential […]

Fortnum & Mason Launch

victoriawoodhall WIth the headlines around the possible health issues of synthetic fragrance today I’m happy to be testing a new natural and organic brand of candles 🕯and perfumes.💐I’m always the first person to get ‘perfume headache’ so this will be a test! I’m going for the greenest of the range Neroli Nuance. 🍊🌿 #organicfragrance#naturalfragrance #naturalperfume#perfumelaunch@adpublicity @prosodylondon

Sacrebleu! magazine: Why Can’t A Man Wear Flowers?

From Stephan Mathews comes an intriguing and insightful look into the debate of why can men not wear floral scents.  ‘The traditional way of choosing a fragrance was to head to the perfume counter; scan the array of bottles, and look for the “mens” or “womens” fragrances. This very direct style of classification was a perfume […]

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