Pure Botanicals as Olfactive Art

Prosody is an old English word for the structure and rhythm of poetry. We chose this as our name because while many synthetic provide an unvarying uniformity to fragrances, naturals are both more beautiful and more mobile in character.

All-natural perfumery is a rigourous discipline of building bridges between materials to form an interesting journey with a coherent idea; an art analogous to poetry.


"Very elegant 'grown up' unisex design. These are not 'safe' or linear scents, they take intriguing twists and turns on the skin. Also very long lasting on me. 6 hours after spraying they're still going strong."


"Although the entire line is 100% natural with a high percentage of organic ingredients, these are no mere ‘passable’ concoctions but could easily hold their own against many of the bolshy, synthetic-heavy scents on the market." 


"These beautifully packaged complex scents are luxurious and long lasting - a couple of sprays in the morning will have you smelling gorgeous all day. The lack of synthetics means that you won't get a 'perfume headache' (which I seem to get whenever I visit the beauty counter of a department store) and of course they are cruelty free." 


Pure Luxury & all natural

Discover our high performance all natural and organic fragrance. "Charming and evocative fragrances whilst both nurturing and celebrating nature’s exquisite beauty. They have succeeded in the best possible way." CaFluereBon

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Organic and natural perfume all Made in England

In the heart of England, our handcrafted natural perfumes come to life through a meticulous process of conception, design, and skilled craftsmanship. Each product is thoughtfully elaborated and brought to fruition by our dedicated artisans, ensuring a truly authentic and unique olfactory experience. From inception to creation, the essence of our fragrances is carefully curated by hand, embodying the artistry and passion we infuse into every bottle. Explore the distinctiveness of our creations, where the English tradition of craftsmanship converges with the allure of nature, resulting in perfumes that are as genuine as the hands that meticulously craft them.

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Prosody London stands distinguished in the realm of perfumery, earning commendations from top critics, including Luca Turin. Renowned for their commitment to organic ingredients, Prosody London has garnered acclaim for mastering the intricate art of organic perfumery. Luca Turin himself acknowledges their exceptional skill, stating, "Organic perfumes are very difficult to make; these guys are very good at it." This recognition underscores Prosody London's prowess in crafting exceptional fragrances that not only captivate the senses but also triumph over the challenges of organic perfume creation, solidifying their position as a revered and recommended choice among perfume connoisseurs and critics alike.

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Pure botanicals as olfactive art