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Prosody London’s unisex perfume collection represents a contemporary approach to fragrance, embodying a harmonious blend of organic and all-natural elements. For those who find the gendering of scents as either masculine or feminine over stated, our house always seeks to offer creations structured to apeal more widely to both men and women. The brand’s commitment to organic and natural ingredients not only aligns with modern sensibilities but also reflects a growing consciousness towards sustainable luxury.

What sets Prosody London apart is its meticulous curation of scents that strike the perfect balance between woody, floral, and fruited notes. This nuanced approach acknowledges the diverse preferences of both sexes, creating an aromatic symphony of subtle and variegated appeal. The interplay of woody undertones provides depth, floral notes add a touch of elegance, and fruited accents bring a refreshing vibrancy. For confidant fragrance wearers this collection opens a myriad opportunities for fresh exploration and discovery.


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