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A Capella Ray: A Harmonious Olfactory Sonata

A Capella Ray: A Harmonious Olfactory Sonata

In the olfactory symphony composed by Prosody London, A Capella Ray emerges as a distinctive and enchanting note that beckons the curious and captivates the senses. The renowned fragrance house, known for its botanical marvels, has crafted a collection of scents that lure the inquisitive nose into a realm of uniqueness. Senior Editor Lauryn Beer has eloquently praised several creations from this house, and A Capella Ray stands as a testament to the artistry of natural perfumer Kershen Teo.

The Alluring Invitation:

The fragrance journey begins with the alluring title itself—A Capella Ray—an invitation impossible to resist, as noted by Ida Meister in her review for Ca FleuerBon. Meister, drawn to the fragrance’s promise, expresses her delight in stumbling upon this olfactory gem. The encounter with Teo’s creations dates back to Esxence Milano 2019, where he personally shared a small box of samples, laying the groundwork for a future olfactory exploration.

Exploring Natural Olfactory Creativity:

What sets Teo’s perfumes apart is his ability to compose truly original and extraordinary fragrances that transcend the ordinary. Meister echoes this sentiment, acknowledging the rarity of such creations in a world inundated with fragrances. Kershen’s perfumes, according to Meister, are not merely scents; they are aromatic jewellery, carefully crafted to envelop exquisite materials in settings that distinguish them from the masses.

A Vegan Olfactory Symphony:

As the summer sun casts its golden glow, A Capella Ray beckons enthusiasts to bask in the healing embrace of sacred rays—an intoxicating blend of tonicity and cherished indolence. Meister poetically alludes to the fragrance as a singular ray of light that illuminates the depths of our collective soul, likening it to a soulful luminous illustration by William Blake or the sun-drenched still life portraits of lemons and oranges.

Natural Musical Unfoldment:

The composition of A Capella Ray unfolds like a musical masterpiece. The scintillating presence of Sicilian lemon and mandarin peel provides unadulterated sunshine and good humor, elevating the spirit with a citrusy exuberance. Lemongrass, in Meister’s words, feels sprightly, therapeutic, and openhearted—a botanical dance that engages the senses. Black pepper, a nose-tickling aromatic adjuvant, adds a touch of dry spice with floral notes, tempering sweetness and showcasing its versatility in the olfactory palette.

Gorgeous Heart Notes

The heart of A Capella Ray is a luscious ode to Bulgarian rose, an indisputable Queen that softens the edges of the fragrance. Cherry blossom, likely an accord, contributes a delicate rosy-vanillic tone with hints of lilac and almond—a subtle and complex symphony that Meister appreciates for its uniqueness. Buddleia, the butterfly bush, makes its olfactory debut, infusing the fragrance with a gently honeyed allure that attracts like-minded pollinators.


Natural perfume bottle with light beaming out in the style of William Blake

Botanical Aesthetics and Cinematics:

Meister draws parallels between A Capella Ray and the aesthetic brilliance found in William Blake’s illustrations or the cinematic allure of Ingmar Bergman’s “Smiles of a Summer Night.” If translated into music, it would be akin to Cat Stevens’ eloquent “Morning Has Broken.” A Capella Ray, Meister affirms, is solar, soothing, and a joy to wear, transcending the conventional boundaries of fruity and floral fragrances. Despite the presence of fruits and flowers, the fragrance retains an herbal nuance, offering a refreshing and revitalizing experience for both the nose and body—an estival refreshment at its zenith.

The olfactory sonata

In conclusion, A Capella Ray by Prosody London is not merely a fragrance; it is a harmonious olfactory sonata that resonates with the soul. Kershen Teo’s artistic prowess shines through, creating a symphony of scents that captivate, rejuvenate, and transport the wearer to a realm of sensory delight. In a world saturated with commonplace fragrances, A Capella Ray stands as a beacon of originality, inviting fragrance enthusiasts to indulge in the allure of a truly unique and enchanting composition.

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