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woman smelling perfume surrounded by white hydrangeas

New Fragrances on show at Prosody London presentation, June 27th

On one of the hottest nights of the year we welcomed friends and former colleagues for a presentation by Prosody London Creative Director Keshen Teo, “The Fake News in Perfume.” Guests also enjoyed a preview of eight new Prosody London perfumes not yet commercially released.

The Prosody London office had never looked so glamorous as flowers and foliage from Keshen’s garden and fabulous glass and copper accessories built into a brilliant setting for the occasion.

Keshen’s presentation looks at controversies in the industry over the viability of naturals vs synthetics, as well as exploring the differences between all-natural perfumery and mainstream practice. He recounts his personal journey from a childhood in Singapore fascinated by plants and obsessed with drawing and art, to study and a career as a creator of global brands in London. Along the way he encountered business in perfumery, beauty and healthcare who inspired him in different ways towards the project which eventually took shape as Prosody London – makers of organic and 100% natural perfumes and scented candles.

After the presentation everyone sampled the new perfumes with huge interest and excitement, from which we gained a lot of insight into their appeal to different wearers. Everyone left with a goody bag of the current Prosody London perfume range and as many of the new octet in sample vials as they wanted.

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