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CaFleureBon’s review of Jacinth Jonquil

CaFleureBon’s review of Jacinth Jonquil

Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor at CaFleureBon, has reviewed Prosody London’s Eau de Parfum, Jacinth Jonquil, and given the fragrance very high praise:

“A perfume’s opening is a prelude to an unknown composition...there are those that open slowly, not giving away too many secrets until it is too late, and you are lost, swooning like a lover pulled deep into embrace as beauty washes over you. That is Prosody London Jacinth Jonquil.

Prosody London Jacinth Jonquil EDP

The opening teases. Prosody London Jacinth Jonquil initial wallop of rich florals includes a hyacinth note so intense you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a vintage Patou or Guy Laroche. But in a moment or two, the flowers begin to soften and delineate, and their intensity lessens. The hyacinth falls away, and in its place emerges the most life-like daffodil note I’ve encountered in perfumery

Every aspect of the flower is here; the overripe narcissus sweetness, nutmeg and crème brulee notes, the rawness of green stem, the buttercup warmth daffodils always seem to give off. Ylang ylang slinks into the background, trailing thick honey like a silk shawl. It’s like suddenly finding oneself wandering in Wordsworth’s vales and hills, puffy yellow clusters weaving in a warm breeze.

Once again, Prosody London has proven that an all-natural, organic brand can produce lovely, individualistic fragrances that are a match for the cleverest aromachemicals…Here, the jasmine lends a trill of girlish, almost green sweetness, singing of springtime. The interplay between the plush, honeyed flowers and the freshness of the jasmine is handled with great adroitness. Keshen captures the virginal newness of flowers when first in bloom and the lusty, fleshy blossoms of late Spring that let you know the sap is most definitely rising.

Jacinth Jonquil fades, as flowers do, at dusk. But reliving that gorgeous opening is such a sensual pleasure, it would be a shame to do it only once. It is like wearing the most gorgeous May day on your wrist, even in November.”

Read Lauryn’s full article on CaFleureBon here.

Jacinth Jonquil is available in both 10ml and 50ml bottles, as well as featuring as part of our Floral Eau de Parfum collection set, alongside Lissom Linden, Neroli Nuance and Rose Rondeaux.

Jacinth Jonquil can also be found as part of Prosody London’s travel set, which contains 10ml bottles of our best-selling Eau de Parfums. 

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