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A ray of light, illuminating the depth of our collective soul

A ray of light, illuminating the depth of our collective soul


The ability to compose thoroughly original, unusual natural fragrances which set themselves apart from the horde seems to be a relatively rare occurrence these days. Keshen Teo’s perfumes feature exquisite materials ensconced in settings which resemble aromatic jewelry. With the advent of summer we are eager to avail ourselves of healing sacred rays, a combination of tonicity and cherished indolence. How fine is that glorious, singular ray of light which illuminates the depths of our collective soul? That a capella ray?

In a world of citrus abundance, we’re given the scintillating presence of Sicilian lemon and mandarin peel – unadulterated sunshine and good humor to elevate the spirit. I love how lemongrass is engaged in A Capella Ray: it feels sprightly, therapeutic, openhearted. Nose-tickling black pepper is a welcome aromatic adjuvant: it spans dry spice with floral notes, even a hint of dried fruit. I find that black pepper is lovely when one wishes to temper sweetness in a scent as well; it’s such a versatile color in the olfactory palette. Bulgarian rose is an indisputable Queen who provides a luscious heart while softening the edges of what might potentially be an acidic fragrance; cherry blossom must be an accord, as it doesn’t yield itself to extraction – but likely provides a delicate, faintly rosy-vanillic tone replete with hints of lilac and almond which are by nature subtle and complex. Buddleia is also known to us as butterfly bush, that colorful perennial with a gently honeyed fragrance which so attracts pollinators; I’ve not smelt any previous perfume which employed it.


Ida Meister, Deputy and Natural Perfumery Editor CaFleurBon

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