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Author: Kershen Teo

The Antioxidant Benefits of Essential Oils in Natural Perfumes

Introduction Natural perfume made with essential oils is not only a delightful way to scent oneself but also a source of antioxidants that benefit the skin and overall well-being. In this essay, we will explore the components and benefits of essential oils in natural perfumes, focusing particularly on their antioxidant properties. Understanding Essential Oils in […]

The wonders of Bergamot

Bergamot in history Bergamot also known as citris bergamia, the aromatic gem originating from the sun-kissed fields of Southern Italy, boasts a history as rich and captivating as its citrusy fragrance. Its journey through time is a tapestry woven with threads of cultural significance, luxury, and medicinal lore. During the Renaissance, citris bergamia graced the […]

The Allure of Natural Fragrance for Men and Women’s Desires

Delving into the realm of masculine natural fragrance unveils the quintessential scent that women desire men to embody. The significance of natural perfume for men lies in its ability to encapsulate the best of masculine fragrances, harmonizing with what women genuinely appreciate in the scents that men wear. The olfactory sense, a powerful influencer in […]

Neroli : A Symphony of Nature’s Elegance

1. What is the Aromatic Profile and Appearance of Neroli-oil? Neroli, also knwo as Orange flower oil with its enchanting aroma and delicate appearance, is a precious essence derived from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, Citrus aurantium. The aromatic profile of neroli is characterized by its sweet, floral, and citrusy notes, creating a […]

The Enchanting World of Sandalwood

In the realm of perfumery, Sandalwood remains an indispensable and timeless ingredient, enriching compositions with its depth and longevity. As a testament to its enduring popularity, sandalwood continues to captivate the senses, proving that its allure is not just a fragrance but a sensory journey through time and tradition.


Hyraceum stands as a testament to the intricate relationship between nature, traditional practices, and modern industries. Its rich history, both in perfumery and traditional medicine, is intertwined with ethical considerations and challenges related to sustainability.

Ocean Commotion – natural cologne for men

Prosody London’s natural cologne for men – Ocean Commotion unfolds as a captivating journey, capturing the essence of the sea in a bottle. Stephan Mathews in his review of this cologne eloquently captures the allure of this aquatic cologne, guiding us through its enchanting layers that evoke the beauty of crystal clear seawater and the […]

A Capella Ray: A Harmonious Olfactory Sonata

In the olfactory symphony composed by Prosody London, A Capella Ray emerges as a distinctive and enchanting note that beckons the curious and captivates the senses. The renowned fragrance house, known for its botanical marvels, has crafted a collection of scents that lure the inquisitive nose into a realm of uniqueness. Senior Editor Lauryn Beer […]

Neroli Nuance Review

The Timeless Legacy of Neroli: A Symbol of Purity and Beauty The storied history of Neroli, echoing through the annals of time, persists in the contemporary world as a revered symbol of purity, fertility, and beauty. Fragrance houses and perfumers, recognizing the allure of bitter orange blossoms, have distilled this precious essence into neroli essential […]

Fortnum & Mason Launch

victoriawoodhall WIth the headlines around the possible health issues of synthetic fragrance today I’m happy to be testing a new natural and organic brand of candles 🕯and perfumes.💐I’m always the first person to get ‘perfume headache’ so this will be a test! I’m going for the greenest of the range Neroli Nuance. 🍊🌿 #organicfragrance#naturalfragrance #naturalperfume#perfumelaunch@adpublicity @prosodylondon