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The Best Rose Perfumes for Valentine’s Day

Rose pefumes are a must-have for Valentine’s Day. But rose fragrances aren’t one-note. There are a variety of rose scents to choose from, from sweet and romantic to bold and modern. We’ll help you decide which one is the perfect rose perfume for you.

1. The History of rose perfumes

The use of rose perfume has a long and rich history that spans across continents and cultures. One of the first known instances of rose perfume appeared in ancient Egyptian tombs, where pharaohs were buried with containers of rose oil and petals. Egyptians believed that the fragrance of rose would carry their loved ones into the afterlife. Rose oil was also used in religious rituals and as a sign of respect for royalty. The Romans also favored rose-scented perfumes and would use them to celebrate special occasions like weddings and births. Today, rose remains a popular fragrance for perfumes and cosmetics. Its affective properties make it a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day.

2. Why is rose oil so expensive

Rose oil is a very valuable essential oil because of its fragrance and therapeutic properties. The oil is extracted from the petals of the rose flower using one of three methods: absolute, CO2 extract, or enfluerage. The absolute method uses solvent extraction to obtain the oil. The CO2 extract method uses carbon dioxide to extract the oil. The enfluerage method uses a fat to extract the oil. The absolute and CO2 methods are the most common.

The enfluerage method is the least common and the most expensive because it is the most labour intensive. Natural isolates – rose scent single molecules can also be extracted from clove, rice, aniseed and many other plant sources to enhance the impact of rose aroma. But natural isolates pioneered by the flavours industry, whilst they are a cheaper option to the earlier mention of extraction methods, they are still 10 times the cost of petroleum derived synthetics.

3. Why is rose so useful in perfumes

The rose, a perennial gem in perfumery, is a versatile muse celebrated for its captivating essence. Its multifaceted aroma, ranging from sweet and romantic to bold and modern, adds layers of complexity to fragrances. Rose’s timeless allure transcends cultural boundaries, embodying elegance and emotion. Whether derived from the delicate petals of Provence or the vibrant blooms of Damascus, its presence elevates perfumes into olfactory symphonies. The essence of rose, with its delicate balance of tradition and modernity, lends a touch of sophistication, making it an indispensable and harmonious note in the intricate art of perfume crafting.

Three natural colognes with pink roses

4. Avoid cheap synthetic rose perfumes

If you’re looking for a rose-scented gift for your Valentine, be sure to avoid synthetic rose perfumes. These fragrances can sometimes cause headaches because of the heavy use of artificial petroleum derived ingredients. They smell like cheap rose jam, and nobody wants that! If you’re looking for a natural and sustainable rose scent, check out our Rose Rondeaux organic eau de parfum or Trevi Rose cologne naturel. Both of these fragrances are made with pure essential oils and lovely, natural ingredients.

5.The best selling rose perfumes

If you’re searching for the perfect fragrance for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a rose scent. Roses have a romantic, timeless appeal, and there are plenty of fragrances out there that capture their essence perfectly. Our favorite top best selling rose perfume in the market include the iconic Fracas by Robert Piguet and the delicate and feminine L’eau d’Issey by Miyake. If you’re looking for a luxurious, opulent fragrance, try Roja Dove’s Aoud Rose. It’s one of the most expensive perfumes in the world, but the rich, deep scent is well worth the price. Or you could try Prosody London, organic and all natural Rose Rondeaux as recommended by esteemed perfume Luca Turin on twitter.

screengrab of Luca Turin recommending Rose Rondeaux to a follower

5. Modern Unisex rose perfumes

When it comes to rose perfumes, there are two main categories: classic rose and modern unisex rose. The classic rose fragrance is often more floral and powdery, with a more feminine scent. A modern unisex rose fragrance, on the other hand, is more woodsy and earthy, and is perfect for men and women alike. If you’re looking for a more versatile fragrance that can be worn by anyone, go for a modern unisex rose scent. Our Rose Rondeaux and Trevi Rose fragrances fit this description perfectly. They’re both made with natural ingredients and have a three dimensional rose quality , refreshing and romantic natural scent that’s perfect for all seasons.


two rose perfumes with a suede curl into a rose shape


Rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world, not just for Valentine’s Day but all year round. No other flower has inspired as many perfumes over the centuries because no other flower smells quite like it; its richly sweet fragrance has made it an indispensable part of our olfactory culture. Not every rose perfume is created equal, however, and when you’re looking to find a scent that will make your partner swoon this February 14th (or any day), you want to know which rose perfumes are worth your hard-earned money.



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