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Content for Male Cologne

Content for Male Cologne

Male-cologne - orange blossom, white blossom and frankincense

Why wear natural male cologne?

Did you know that natural essential oils are rich in antioxidants? Our skin can absorb these antioxidants, which can help remove negative emotions and improve our overall well-being. By scenting yourself with natural cologne on your skin instead of just on your clothes, you’re promoting positive energy and balancing your body with good vibrations.

On the other hand, synthetic aroma chemicals, no matter how beautiful the scent, are petroleum-derived. Let’s leave it at that.

Made with organic grain alcohol

Using organic grain alcohol in perfumes and colognes offers several advantages over synthetic alcohol. Unlike synthetic alcohol, organic grain alcohol is gentler on the skin, avoiding the drying effect commonly associated with its synthetic counterpart. Since organic grain alcohol doesn’t necessitate water to mitigate its harshness, there’s no need for preservatives to prevent bacterial growth, resulting in a self-preservation formula for each fragrance.

Male-Cologne-Organic wheat grain
Natural cologne

How long to keep my natural male cologne?

Just like with vintage wine, some top notes may dissipate over the years. However, while natural fragrances develop richness and complexity with age, synthetic perfumes, particularly those with water (aqua) as a major ingredient, don’t experience the same enhancement over time. In fact, synthetic perfume with aqua goes rancid after three years.

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