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explosion of roses, coffee beans and raspberries

2 Sophisticated natural fragrance review

It is rare for natural fragrance to be given such high praise from esteemed perfume critic, Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor at CaFleureBon. This is her first review of us when she first discovers Prosody London at Pitti, Florence.

Natural Fragrance Harmony at Prosody London

Floriography, an ancient literary and cultural tradition, has utilized the language of flowers for thousands of years, symbolizing emotions and reaching its zenith in the Victorian era. Pansies conveyed longing, daisies attachment, and roses, true love. However, for Prosody London, a 100% sustainable fragrance brand rooted in nature, plants embody more than cryptic messengers of human sentiment—they are “the silent friends without which our planet would be bare and our lives unthinkable.” This sentiment is beautifully captured in one of the most creatively curated all-natural fragrance lines encountered.

Crafting Elegance: Prosody London’s Natural Fragrance Collection

Prosody London, founded in 2018, emerged as a sophisticated, plant-based fragrance brand. In harmony with the brand’s philosophy, Creative Director and perfumer Kershen Teo has meticulously composed a line of synthetic-free perfumes, characterized by their complexity, nuance, and elegance. Featuring exquisite artwork reminiscent of 1920s orientalism, fragrances like Lissom Linden, Jacinth Jonquil, Rose Rondeaux, Mocha Muscari, Oud Octavo, Neroli Nuance, and Lantern Reed eloquently speak to the unadulterated beauty of the natural world.

perfume bottle with driftwood, and dark orchid

A Symphony of Scent: Exploring Prosody London’s Natural Fragrance – Mocha Muscari

Prosody London Mocha Muscari, a personal favorite, is a nuanced coffee fragrance enveloped in woody notes and lavender. Evoking the ambiance of a mulchy forest floor, the initial impression is of damp earth, dried leaves underfoot, and distant smoke. The dry, slightly acidic coffee note emerges, resembling unroasted beans, adding a tantalizing piquancy that seamlessly blends with the woody elements.

As time unfolds, subtle botanical hints, including soapy coriander seed and soft jasmine intertwined with angelica, balance and soften the deeper, denser notes. The fragrance later transitions into a smoky, sooty middle stage with ashy lavender and agarwood, reminiscent of bygone nights in dimly lit restaurants, filled with smoke and the twang of strings in the late hours of the night.

Hours later, Mocha Muscari evolves, weaving between wood and tobacco, with intermittent peaks of coffee and sandalwood, complemented by the natural fragrance of frankincense with green, minty undertones. Unconventional, captivating, and genderless, Mocha Muscari offers an inventive interpretation of the venerable brew. The composition includes 21 ingredients, featuring mango, lavender, black agarwood, sandalwood, linden blossom, rose, jasmine, coriander, angelica root, and frankincense.

Roses in Full Bloom: The Natural Fragrance Extravaganza of Prosody London’s Rose Rondeaux

Prosody London Rose Rondeaux, despite the abundance of rose perfumes, stands out as one of the most jubilant and authentically life-like renditions. It captures the essence of burying one’s face in the heart of a freshly opened rose on a warm spring day. Devoid of any trace of lipstick or jam, the fragrance unfolds with sparkling and tangy notes of raspberry, blackcurrant, and bergamot. These bright, fruity accords set the stage for the silky rose to blossom. While iris, though not officially listed, lends a pinch of sophistication to the top notes, it paves the way for the silky, glistening rose at the fragrance’s core.

natural fragrance bottle with roses and roman pillar

The remainder of the composition is a celebration of the rose, characterized by its satiny, heartbreakingly beautiful allure. Enhanced by warm patchouli, the rose unfurls gradually, revealing stemmy green nuances hinted at in the blackcurrant, powdery chamomile filaments, and the sun-warmed head of the blossom. Labdanum reinforces the pervasive warmth that envelops Rose Rondeaux. If there ever was a rose perfume capable of making one forget a blustery January morning, Rose Rondeaux embodies that enchantment.

Organic and natural rose perfume with arty arrangement of roses and drift wood

In summary, these fragrance reviews are eloquently presented by Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor at CaFleureBon, showcasing the exquisite and thoughtfully crafted nature of Prosody London’s all-natural fragrance collection.

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