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Test a few lines of pure botanical poetry

Prosody is an old English word that means ‘the rhythm and structure of poetry.’ We felt it a fitting name for a maker of perfumes, as perfume too has its rhythms, rhymes, harmonies and surprises. This is nowhere more true than in the domain of all-natural perfumery where everything must be done with the inherent qualities of the beautiful materials available, rather than produced to order with a laboratory effort. Natural materials drive us to greater resourcefulness, experiment and imaginative exploration. And when outstanding beauty is the result the pleasure is almost of receiving a gift from nature; as though the materials themselves had cooperated in revealing fresh and unsuspected facets of delight.

“I just sampled all the Prosody London perfumes I brought back from Pitti, and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your line. The quality is uniformly high, the packaging is gorgeous, and I cannot believe how accessibly priced the fragrances are. I think this is one of the best all-natural perfume brands I’ve come across. Bravo!”
Cafluerebon, Lauryn Beer, Sr. Editor

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