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Wherever you dream of travelling, let your cologne bring you closer. These bright, exciting and enduring fragrances are not just exquisite individually, they also layer superbly with each other. Try a few and find your ideal combinations.

“The invention of the talented Kershen Teo, this is a line worth delving into. Teo’s fragrances have a distinctive signature I haven’t quite put my finger on, but they are beautifully composed. Prosody’s new line of colognes is perfect for hot weather but also for long grey days when you yearn to be at a seaside or in fruit tree grove.” Senior Editor Lauryn Beer CaFluereBon”

“The marvelous botanical fragrance house Prosody London has produced one-of-a-kind scents which tempt the inquisitive nose.” CaFleureBon, Ida Meister, Deputy and Natural Perfumery Editor


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