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Ethica Magazine: Organic, Natural and Vegan Friendly Perfumes

Launched this February , Prosody London is a luxury brand that makes vegan friendly and cruelty free perfume using 100% natural and organic plant based ingredients, and containing no synthetics or nasties.

The line comprises six grown up and mostly unisex fragrances: Oud Octavo (bergamot and coconut,  Jacinth Jonquil (jasmine and jonquil), Nerole Nuance (neroli, sandalwood, bitter orange and grapefruit), Lissom Linden (linden flowers, jasmine and frankincense), Mocha Muscari (mango, jasmine, lavender and coffee) and Rose Rondeaux (bergamot, raspberry, rose, blackcurrant, musky sandalwood and patchouli).

These beautifully packaged complex scents are luxurious and long lasting – a couple of sprays in the morning will have you smelling gorgeous all day.
The lack of synthetics means that you won’t get a ‘perfume headache’ (which I seem to get whenever I visit the beauty counter of a department store) and of course they are cruelty free.

Founded by perfumer Keshen Teo, Prosody London is proof that beauty can be ethical and fabulous and a new vegan-friendly eau de parfum on the market can only mean good news for us.

Prices for the eau de parfum start at £36. Prosody is available online and at Fortnum and Mason

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