Why Natural and Organic?

The beauty of plants - their stems, leaves, petals, their cycle of growth and maturing beauty - is the great inspiration of Prosody. In fact some of the earliest cultures saw plants as a grammar, a code and a cosmology. Plants situate us in the season, the climate, they are the basis of human wellbeing, the silent friends without which our planet would be bare and our lives unthinkable.

Our Principles

We believe sustainability should be a core tenet of all cultivation and that products for personal use should be as clean and unadulterated as possible. We believe it is important to strive to maintain this principle while using all ingenuity and artistry to create fascinating, varied and well-structured fragrances, fragrances that can meet the expectations of modern consumers yet avoid the many synthetics and additives that undermine our shared sense of what nature can do. We want to make fragrance and scented products that are clean, safe and pure and that could continue to be made for centuries without in any way disturbing or compromising the environment or the wellbeing of those using or exposed to them.

How it is made

We source the finest natural ingredients (non-GMO) from around the world, from producers that are ethical and sustainable, certified by globally recognised authorities such as Ecocert and USDA. Our fragrances are designed tirelessly by Keshen Teo, our creative director and nose , who spends a huge amount of time crafting and balancing the aesthetic quality as well as the ethical purity of our products.

Organic Fragrance & Organic Wax

They said it couldn't be done, and if it could it still wouldn't work. We invite you to be the judge but we think ‘they’ were wrong. Our wax is certified organic by the Soil Association.