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Luxury Diffuser - all natural room fragrance

Prosody London launches a new signature Natural Luxury Reed Diffuser collection, inspired by classic French perfumes. Our fragrances are 100% natural and exclusively plant derived. Our glycerine based diffuser serum is extremely long-lasting and non-flammable, a safe and trouble free alternative to the standard  alcohol solution. Each 140ml reed diffuser can last up to six months and will effortlessly scent a very substantial space.

Prosody London luxury reed diffusers will enhance your living spaces with superbly appealing Fine Fragrance. Simply open and where convenient. Choosing a variety of diffusers enables you to enjoy a contrasting ambience in different areas of your home.

The esteemed perfume critic Stephan Matthews calls our room fragrances “seriously evocative” and “outstanding” in their scent throw.

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