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Moiré Mimosa - Natural Cologne

Moiré Mimosa - Natural Cologne

Mysterious magnetism.
An irresistible almond blossom and Chilean lime, mingles with the innocence of mimosa freshness disperses to reveal a more alluring tuberose: the creamy floral notes surrender in turn to one of lush comfort, enhanced by smooth vanilla, to draw out mimosa’s aura of mysterious sensuality.

"Moiré Mimosa is a fragrant symphony that artfully combines the crisp embrace of almond blossom and Chilean lime, evoking a sense of invigorating freshness. As the composition unfolds, the innocence of mimosa and the allure of tuberose intertwine, creating a captivating tapestry that resonates with mystery and sensuality. The velvety vanilla notes linger, enhancing the fragrance with a comforting warmth. Crafted for those who appreciate the magic of natural ingredients, Moiré Mimosa invites you on a personal journey, enveloping you in feelings of freshness, allure, and a lingering sense of comforting sophistication." - Vivian Scentsworth

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Made from finest 100% natural and organic ingredients only including Neroli, Melon, Coconut, Chilean lime, Almond blossom, Mimosa, Indian tuberose
Alcohol (Sd Alcohol 40-b), Parfum (Fragrance), *Limonene, *Linalool, *Geraniol, *Citral.

*Derived from 100% natural and 95% certified organic ingredients only. Non-GMO, synthetics free, phthalates free and parabens free, all botanical extracts only and not tested on animals.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Luisa Finch
Sooo nice

Such a nice smell and organic too.

nada petak
Magic mimosa

This is so beautiful and smells like a real flower. I spray it every morning and it last the whole day.

Jasminka Griggs
My favourite perfume ever

It takes me straight back to long walks on promenade by the Adriatic Sea where mimosa flowers just grow wild along the coastline. The scent is so truly remarkable to what I remember. It's so pure. I simply can't get enough of this scent. It is now my daily wear. Wherever I am going I spritz myself with mimosa. Do try it , you won't be disappointed.

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