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We are independent and 100% committed to a practice of sustainable, plant-based perfumery that matches and exceeds the creative achievements of synthetic fragrance. This means Prosody London is developing and elaborating an entirely new art of perfumery, within limits unthinkable to most makers, whether mainstream or niche. While our materials base is rigorous in excluding chemical novelties, our imagination and willingness to strive for new heights of beauty, realised with purely natural means, is untrammelled.

Here are some of the nice things people have been generous to say about us: “I just sampled all the Prosody perfumes I brought back from Pitti, and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your line. The quality is uniformly high, the packaging is gorgeous, and I cannot believe how accessibly priced the fragrances are. I think this is one of the best all-natural perfume brands I’ve come across. Bravo!” Lauryn Beer, perfumer critic, cafleurebon.com“You guys have such a great line. I look forward to having my own little collection of your perfumes one day.” Jeannine, US consumer.

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