Begin your journey

Keshen Teo, the natural fragrance designer of film stars, described by FT:
How To Spend It as a ‘purist perfumer’, will assist you through a process of experience and discovery to develop a unique personal fragrance entirely from natural aromatics.

Fine and rare ingredients

You’ll have the opportunity to discover the rarest of ingredients: from aged oud that is never used in mass production to exquisite florals and resins from small independent growers and producers around the world.

A beautiful process

Bespoke consultation normally takes place in three meetings over a three to six month period. During this time you will be able to explore a range of all organic, low-to-zero allergen perfume creations. After initial discussion and exploration you will select from five bespoke options of which one will be further developed into three variants. Your chosen variant will then be perfected through up to three rounds of fine tuning. All our work is carried out under standard safety testing and assurance protocols in our lab.

The meeting place

Consultations can take place either in the comfort of your own home or in a central London location.

Quality delivery

You will receive two 50ml and a set of six 10ml flacons together with a certificate of unique origination. Your formula will be held securely in a vault, preserved for generations to come.  For more information, please email us at

Committed to the values of a pre-synthetic age.