Beauty Clinic: Can you recommend good vegan perfumes? By Jo Fairley

The founder of Green and Blacks and the editor of The Perfume Society Jo Fairley recommends Prosody London perfumes on Mailonline. "You might also like to check out Prosody London, a new luxury perfume brand that’s sustainable, ethical and organic. With a gloriously wedding-y mood is Rose Rondeaux; this has a rosy heart and plenty of warmth in the lingering sandalwood and patchouli base. Neroli Nuance takes white floral notes of orange blossom – again, with a strong link to weddings (Queen Victoria wore an orange blossom crown when she married Prince Albert), creating a super-elegant, summery blend that incorporates other floral and woody notes. These fragrances are priced from £36 for 10ml (a small size – buy here – but more than enough for a wedding and/or to tell whether you want to spring for the larger bottle. Which is always lovely, as a keepsake.)" Click here for the full article.