11 Best Vegan Perfumes

Ensure your scent is animal and cruelty free. 

It’s time you introduced yourself to the newest luxury perfume brand on the block: Prosody London. Much of its range is 100 per cent organic, so totally free from the headache-inducing synthetic fragrances that dominate the fragrance industry. Instead, the finest essential oils take the credit for the 12 lush scents, which vary from rich, dewy rose to delicate, honeyed neroli and are all handmade in England. Our favourite is the botanical Jacinth Jonquil for its gorgeous aroma of blooming hyacinths that transports us straight to the Mediterranean, backed up by exotic ylang ylang and juniper berries (the ones used to make gin). Rest assured that quality has not been compromised for ethics; a couple of sprays lasted all day, before another spritz saw us through a night on the tiles. The cute 10ml spray bottles are handy for carrying around, but if you’re buying a gift for someone special or simply want more of the lovely stuff, the bigger 50ml bottles cost £135. The former come packaged in square cream boxes decorated with a colourful, floral-printed roundel, while the latter ooze contemporary elegance in mossy green boxes wrapped in burgundy ribbon.